I always had a journal since the 2nd grade. It was always something that really helped me stay grounded. It’s been a saving grace. I never took it that seriously because I thought I could never be a writer, whatever that even means. But I’ve realized that I was always a writer, a creative, an artist. I put things on a page that help me get somewhere else.

Writing has facilitated my personal growth in profound ways. It helps me hash out revelations. It helps me become more free of thoughts. Once I put it down and work through it, I can release it. I no longer grasp, I can more easily let go.

Writing is like therapy for me. It’s a beautiful tool that helps to facilitate a conversation with yourself. I can put things to rest and it helps me get a better nights sleep.

The truth is, there aren’t enough writers out there, there aren’t enough yoga teachers, painters, lovers, cooks, passionate people. We can always use more of something great. And if I’m true to myself, then I will have something different to offer. And someone will benefit from it.

January 24, 2016

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