• The world is literally my oyster. I can choose exactly where I want to go and exactly what I want to do and I feel unbelievably fortune to be living like this.
  • I need to know myself well enough to decide among the vast array of choices available while traveling. Otherwise it can be really overwhelming. Now that I know how I like to travel (very slow), what places appeal to me (surrounded by nature but cities in-between are a nice contrast), and what kind of experiences I want to have (largely based on how I feel. For instance, right now I’m in a very introverted and contemplative state and I’m catering to that).
  • I’m in a state of fluctuating wonder & awe as well as discomfort & uncertainty. I have learned to let go of expectations and trade it in for appreciation that I even get to live a life this freeing.
  • I’ve realized that what you really need in life is a much shorter list than you think. I need some mindfulness, contact with loved ones, nature, food, water, shelter, clothes, my sketchbook & pencil, my notebook & pen, occasional company, my phone, my computer (and even some of these are questionable).
  • Constantly being in transition has given me the opportunity for an endless number of fresh starts and new beginnings. I’ve learned to let go of needing to know what’s next and taking things as they come. So far one experience has revealed the path to the next and I wish to continue in this way.
  • Some of my deeply rooted habits from childhood are coming up and I’m reminded of how much more letting go I need to do. For instance, I revert back to past tendencies of stinginess. However after re-evaluating what I want out of this trip (an awe-inspiring experience and a constant reminder of how amazing life is), I realized that treating myself right is a much bigger priority over saving a little bit of money.  It’s the quality of experience that counts rather than the length of time that I can stretch my money. So I’m choosing a mindset of abundance rather than lack.
  • I have faith that things will work out for the best. If my beliefs, standards and intentions are aligned and true to who I am, there’s no need to worry about the future or money because in this moment I’m putting attention, focus and energy toward attracting that which I wish to grow. Do your absolute best and then relinquish the results to a higher power. And if you need to get a job here and there to make sure you stay afloat, no biggie. There’s always a way.
  • I’m aware that I need to let go of my concern for what other’s think of me. For instance, I don’t have that much clothes so sometimes I guess I look like a city girl in a rural town in Laos and people really stare. I also like to stay at a restaurant or cafe for a long time but the majority of travelers are busy doing touristy things and so I’m the odd-ball out who actually wants to continue just living as she did back home.
  • In those moments when I’m uncomfortable and anxious, I practice coming back to myself, breathing & relaxing and reminding myself that I’m perfect and whole exactly as I am in this moment, no change necessary.
  • I’m constantly meeting people and once in a while when I’m lucky, I meet a soul on a similar path. People who are focused on spiritual growth rather than just being a tourist. They’re choosing to follow their intuition and running toward the meaning of life rather than shying away from it. I hope to attract more kindred-spirits along the way.
  • I’ve learned to accept that even though I meet these amazing people, I probably will never see them again.
  • Spending time traveling with people has allowed me to practice to voice my opinions, wants and needs more easily.
  • Traveling alone has been a window into how I treat myself. There’s no one, no family, no friends to keep me accountable for how presentable my room is, how clean my cloths are, how clean I am, what I eat, my level of physical fitness, etc. I’m doing things solely for my sake, not to keep-up-appearances for anyone else and that show’s me what my standards really are and how much I value myself.
  • An extended period of time in complete solitude is the best thing I’ve ever given myself. It helps me evaluate and reflect on life. I feel most happy when I’ve stripping away as many distractions as possible and concentrating on the simple things that I most enjoy: meditating, walking in nature, writing, drawing, listening to music or a podcast that gives me some insights about myself and life.
  • I’m reminded over and over that life is this moment. There is nothing else. The past and the future are all part of my memories or imagination. Right now is the one and only reality.

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