Now that I’m living a life where I can design 100% of every single aspect of my day, I think its essential to know what’s important to me and what I want my day to consist of. A simple life is what I want and it’s in those little actions within my day that ultimately create who I am and who I want to become. Here are a few of the most important things I want my day to consist of:

  • Practicing mindfulness. Giving myself the gift of complete presence. It can be through mindfully eating, mindfully being with nature, mindfully sitting & walking… I can easily distract myself with my computer, my phone, a podcast, a movie, this blog, music, reading, drawing and I need moments of complete presence in order to be aware of the grasp that my thoughts have on me.
  • Be creative. Whether that be through drawing, painting or writing, I want some part of my day to consist of something creative. It doesn’t have to be everyday but most days out of the week would be nice.
  • Set aside some time to read more. My kindle has proven to be one of the best things I packed for this trip and I saved over 80 books on my ‘wish-list’
  • Physical exercise. I really need to focus more on my physical health. Walk more and do some yoga.
  • Practicing self-control when it comes to food. Food has proven to be my weakness… Sometimes I fall into the excuse of, ‘I’m traveling, I can indulge a little.’ But traveling for me is my life right now… This isn’t a week or two  of vacationing, it’s indefinite and I need to look out for my health and make sure that I’m especially not eating too many sweets. In this respect my acne is really a blessing because it pretty much immediately tells me when I’m not eating right and I immediately stop over indulging.
  • Sending some love to my family and friends. These people are the most important to me and without love and support from them, this would all be meaningless.

All of these things are what I would probably be focusing on back in NY if I didn’t have a job and had more free time. It just made sense to see the world while doing it and save money at the same time by being in Southeast Asia. I was paying over $30/night + utilities for my apartment in NY and right now I’m paying $7.50/night at this beautiful guesthouse where I have a view of gorgeous mountains and a night sky filled with stars… I think I made the right choice.


Currently I’m telling myself not to worry about money and income. It is occasionally something I worry about but I know that I can make it work even when I run low. Right now I have enough to comfortably explore and spend my time doing things I really love: write, draw and just sit at a cafe contemplating life.

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