I like the term ‘slow travel.’

This is the type of exploring I like to do. Staying in a place for a while and not doing any of the touristy things until I’ve taken a couple days to acclimate myself and settle down.

Meditating is when I can really allow myself to just be and take it slow… That is, once I get past the urge to do literally anything and everything else besides sitting still in silence with myself. Some days it’s easier than others but when I get to that moment of pure awareness of breath… I feel like I’m in heaven.

After 2 weeks of meditating at Doisuthep, I felt so free, at peace and invincible in a way. I had faith that no matter what happened or where I was, I could always come back to myself through meditation and find peace and serenity. I strongly felt that nothing else, no thought, was as important as my awareness of my breath and therefore it was easier to watch a thought come and let it go without grasping. It was such a beautiful knowing.

Now, being out of practice for about 2-3 weeks, I yearn to get back to that peaceful state. My thoughts have a stronger hold on me now and I find myself feeling antsy because I feel the need to be doing more. But if I’m being honest, I love to stay put sometimes and just write. I like going to a cafe or restaurant where I can just sit for hours and contemplate. I have to recognize that it’s beautiful that I know what brings me joy and embrace it. It’s my ego that’s always grasping at what I’m not doing, making me think that I’m never good enough. Always needing to do more and see more in order to feel ok. I need and cherish the down time in-between all of the doing. Relaxation and reflection is much needed, otherwise the constant stimulation gets overwhelming and I don’t enjoy myself at all.

IMG_20160711_160329_375I’ll stick to the simple pleasures like staring out at the view of the mountains from the balcony of this lovely guesthouse. I find so much joy being here and looking out at the stunning scenery that is ever-changing. I want to be able to really soak in all of it: the sound of the rushing water, the beautiful colors of the trees, the moving clouds, the shifting shadows, the smell of the fresh air and the touch of the wind. Even this can sometimes feel overwhelming.

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