I believe that the biggest obstacle I face is my own ego and limiting beliefs and my job is to consistently remind myself that I am enough right now, in this moment, have always been and will always be. I have listed here my new belief system that I have chosen to live by rather than the one I have unconsciously internalized from childhood. Brace yourself, it’s long:

  • I believe that I have the power to create my reality 
  • I believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to
  • I believe in having meaning & purpose in life
  • I believe in the power of intention before taking action. Ask yourself, ‘why are you doing what you’re doing?’ and if you’re not happy with your answer, then re-evaluate.
  • I believe in nudging yourself into higher states of being (whether it be through music, art, writing, dancing, being in nature, breathing, meditation) in order to raise your thoughts, vibration and frequency.
  • I believe that sometimes you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself. When everything I thought I knew was shattered, that’s when I had the opportunity to rebuild from scratch and I’m now able to consciously create my own life, one day at a time.
  • I believe that I will be paid to be me.
  • I believe that self-discipline and having some sort of structure/routine/habit(s) within my day can improve my overall life. But most importantly, to show kindness and compassion to myself when I don’t uphold to these short term goals. As long as I do it the majority of the time, I’m happy. It will still get me closer to my bigger vision.
  • I believe that the places where you struggle the most is where you have the most to give.
  • I believe in the power of vulnerability and how this is the true door to happiness, love and connection.
  • I believe in mindful living and slowing down enough to see the real you.
  • I believe that letting go and removing distractions is how you get closer to seeing your true self. It’s not about doing more, it’s about releasing and letting go in order to get in touch with yourself.
  • I believe that self-development is essential but it’s most important to approach it from a place of love, acceptance and gratitude for all that you already have and are rather than wanting to change from a place of ‘not good enough’ or self-hatred
  • I believe that when we help ourselves first, we can then be of greater service to others
  • I believe that I am worthy of love and happiness.
  • I believe that my body is my one and only temple and that I need to cherish and honor it
  • I believe that true self-esteem and self-confidence enables you to stay humble and kind
  • I believe in living with integrity and holding myself to a high standard
  • I believe that raising my standards will help me make lasting change rather than trying to use will-power to stick to habits or resist that 2nd slice of cake
  • I believe that if people were kinder to themselves, the world would be a kinder place. If you talk to yourself with compassion than you will do so for others.
  • I believe in treating myself like my own best friend
  • I believe in enjoying the sweet pleasures in life but it’s important for me to distinguish whether I’m doing it from a place of appreciation and abundance rather than greed, need, lack and instant gratification
  • I believe that I’m worthy of a magnificent, pure and healthy relationship. A spiritual partner.
  • I believe that a relationship can be full of love, support and companionship.
  • I believe in the beauty and wisdom in sadness. It helps me slow down and give myself the undivided attention I need
  • I believe in the power of forgiveness. Letting go of the past and forgiving myself for any wrong-doings I may have done to myself and others and forgiving others for the wrong-doings they may have done to me. True healing comes from freeing myself from the poison of anger, hatred, regret, jealousy, disgust, resentment, etc.
  • I believe that what you focus on will grow. I choose to focus on living in gratitude for what I already have rather than focusing on what I think I am lacking.
  • I believe in the inter-connectedness of all beings. No one is better or worse than me.
  • I believe in the basic goodness in people and that they do wrong because they have been misguided by their ego.
  • I believe that everyone has something of value to offer in the world
  • I believe that I have something of value to offer the world
  • I believe that even though life will knock me down a million time, I have the strength and courage to pick myself back up and piece myself back together a little bit stronger and wiser than before.
  • I believe in the power of love and support from family and friends. This is what fuels me
  • I believe that without deep, meaningful connections in life, it would all be meaningless.
  • I believe that love always wins

I would love to know some of your beliefs in the comments below!

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