Most travelers were surprised that this was all I brought especially since I was indefinitely traveling. Before I left, I sold most of my belongings and left only my most precious possessions with my mom: my diaries since I was 7 years old. I wanted my load to be light so that I could easily hop around from place to place and walk a substantial amount is needed. That was more important to me then having a lot of clothes, shoes, beauty products, souvenirs, etc. Everything I brought with me had an important & meaningful purpose.


I didn’t have much of it, in fact I often washed my shirts and underwear every other night, if not every night. I only brought my favorite and most comfortable outfits. After the Yoga Teacher Training Program, I tossed even more of the clothes I had brought just to lighten the load. I really enjoyed not having too much to choose from, it was extremely freeing.

I wore one pair of sneakers and packed one pair of flip-flops.


There were essential electronics that I felt like I needed on this trip: my kindle, my tiny computer, ipod and phone. I could have done without the ipod but I brought it since it didn’t weigh much and in case my batteries ran out on other devices. Once I was traveling, I often thought about tossing my computer (cause it was still pretty heavy), I liked detaching from technology for a while. I liked the peace, calm and complete presence.

Health Essentials

High quality and really really small water filter just in case clean water wasn’t accessible or water was questionable.

Natural mosquito repellent: I used an organic spray and added extra Lemon eucalyptus essential oil to make it a bit stronger.

Beauty Products

I don’t like wearing make-up but it became something I relied on when I had severe cystic acne. I brought 100% organic make-up with me but ended up tossing it half way through my trip just because I was feeling comfortable enough to be bare skinned. It was also really hot and humid and I felt uncomfortable sweating constantly with make-up on. It was a good test for me to take care of my health as I traveled cause the more street food I ate, the more acne I got.

Sentimental Things

I brought a little daruma doll that reminded me of my most important goal: To be honest with myself. I brought a bottle full of little notes of encouragement from my mom, dad and sister. And also packed 2 bobble-head turtles that I had received as a gift from my 2nd mother from childhood who always expressed her life regrets and encouraged me to express my passion for art & to go for my dreams.


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September 10, 2016

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