I recently talked to a friend who seemed to be so distraught with how sensitive she was. She wanted to change the way she was. She told me that she would be so much happier is she weren’t didn’t feel so much. My heart broke when I heard that. I can so empathized with her because I used to feel the exact same way. I wished that I were more out-going and could make friends with anyone and everyone.

Reality is, we’re just not that way

I need my own space to wind down. If there’s too much stimulus, I get overwhelmed and feel anxious and drained. I feel immense pain when I see others in pain. I’m overwhelmed with awe when I’m expressing myself through art, writing and movement.
It was only when I accepted that I was this way and started to live in alignment with myself rather than fighting against myself, that life began to flow. Life became easier. I was no longer against myself, I started to work with myself and viewed these traits as my greatest strengths. There are certain things we can change but there are other things that are so core to who we are that it would be such a pity to live life wanting to be another way and not fully uncovering the wonders of it.

It’s not your fault

Society makes it seem like highly sensitive people are just over-reacting, weak or less then. And that’s why I hid it and didn’t want to accept it. It makes us question ourselves and makes us wonder if we’re the problem. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. It’s just that society is in a phase in which out-spoken, loud, in-your face personalities are more easily seen, heard and celebrated. But I feel the shift happening esp. because of Susan Cain’s book, Quiet (approx. 70% of introverts are also HSP). So keep your hopes up and hang in there. There are so many other people who are just like you, they may be called intuitives, light workers, healers, etc. You’re not alone.

There are so many amazing benefits to being a HSP. And honestly, the only way to see them is to start accepting that you are one. When I started to accept the way I was, I allowed myself to indulge in my time alone making art, writing and reading. I felt at home, alive and at peace. My soul recharged itself. I selectively chose who I wanted to spend time with so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed and spread too thin. I slowly got back in touch with my intuition that I had been suppressing. I started to love more deeply, experience more fully, live more passionately. I started to understand that I needed my profession to align with my most innate strengths. Live became a joy.

If you keep fighting, you’ll never unveil your full potential. All your energy will be going toward suppressing who you are. Please don’t do this. I personal believe that HSP’s are the strongest, most courageous, tender-hearted people. I love being an HSP. I feel as if I view the world in high def.

Do you think you’re an HSP? If so, I would love to know what you’re struggling with the most below.

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March 15, 2017

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