I have learned over time that it’s really difficult to define myself. Nothing seems to suffice cause in reality, we’re all unknowable. Undefinable. We are really a mystery but have been conditioned since an early age to believe that we know. We know how the blood is pumped through the body, we know why the the earth spins around the sun, we know why we’re here on this planet… Through my wild and intense journey that I call ‘my life’ I have searched far and wide to find out who I am, what my purpose is, what the meaning of life is, and I found that when we totally and radically allow everything to just be unknown, an utter mystery… then we finally, truly live free. Completely unbound, in awe and wonder of it all…

In more acceptable and understandable terms, I’m a spiritual guide and an artist. I have been a designer for over 8 years and ever since I could remember, art was my one true love. I find immense beauty in the small details in nature and attempt to capture them in my illustrations. Through design, I research new and upcoming technologies that can impact us and the world in a beautiful way. As a spiritual guide, I help people integrate the ultimate truth with the very ordinary, down to earth challenges that we all face. It’s actually complicated to be a well adjusted human being if we’re not taught the fundamentals of how to relate to our thoughts and emotions and if we’re not willing to question who we actually are. I have experienced the immense benefits of this knowledge. Many spiritual teachers that resonate have crossed my path and facilitated small or big shift and realizations that all seemed to add up. I wish nothing more than to be a part of someone else’s journey in a similar way.

I don’t claim to have achieved anything. I just know that through this letting go that happened and wasn’t my doing… I experienced inner peace and contentment for the first time… what seems to be more readily available is a wisdom that arises from the unknown, an impersonal and unconditional love that isn’t for or by anyone. A complete and utter okay-ness with the mystical beauty of what is.

With Much Love,