I aim to enhance and magnify the beauty in the ordinary. I use stark contrasts in value to help exaggerate the depth and 3-dimensionality of form. I allow an explosion of color to depict the rainbow that permeates nature. I hone in on details that are often undetected by the naked eye. It’s a reminder that my mind will want to draw what it conceptually thinks a leaf looks like rather than conveying what I actually see. Art enhances who I want to be. It allows me to get out of my head and in inspiration. It connects me to nature. It reminds me that I am nature. It keeps me grounded. It reminds me to completely be in the process, not expecting a certain result. It’s an opportunity to embrace the unknown and just surrender to the present moment. It reminds me to make art just for the sake of making art. 


Similarly, I aim to utilize my design and engineering skills to envision and create products that are in-line with sustainable living. The abundance of nature and the power of the sun is beaconing for us to capture its energy to sustain our lives in a holistic way. I wish to live in harmony with our planet rather than depleting it of its rich, natural state.

Meaning… is what I search for – Purpose… is what I live for – Passion… keeps me inspired – Heart… is my compass – Home… is always within – Nature… has true intelligence – Suffering… comes from self-centeredness – Ego… is my biggest teacher – Body… is a precious tool – Mind… is a powerful placebo – Consciousness… is what I am.

I’m a seeker of truth, lover of simplicity, a creator of art & design, an explorer of the written word. I’m crazy, I’m beautiful and none of it defines me. A former resident of New York and a current resident of the world. Presently residing in India.

Say hey! I would love to hear from you: suzannetina@gmail.com

With Love, Suzanne