In between session, will you be available to answer any question I have?

Yes! Once you’re my client, I am here for you. If you have any questions or concerns I will be happy to assist you. What I want is to develop a relationship in which you can confide in and inform me of your concerns. My main focus is to give you the tools and know-how to live a LASTING joyous life. This takes time and a lot of questioning, I get it, I’ve been through it.

I’m not spiritual but I am interested in how it can accelerate my personal development. Should I take your sessions?
Absolutely. The fact that you are interested is all you need. Being born in western society, I too started out very skeptical about spirituality but the more I learned, the more intrigued I became. And the more open I became, the faster my internal world started to heal. I was able to make connections so much more quickly. It is a powerful aspect of ourselves that is often neglected. If we do not pay attention, we will continuously keep a huge part of ourselves in the dark and therefore never discover our true strength.

I already practice a religion, do you think that your sessions will benefit me?
Yes, yes, yes! Spirituality is different from organized religion. By living a spiritual life, you are encouraged and can’t help but to question EVERYTHING, you become a seeker. True spirituality comes from deep within, it includes cultivating your intuition and uncovering your authentic, true self. Meditation is a huge component of spirituality, it creates deeper awareness and understanding of self. These are all essential to live a meaningful and deeply fulfilling life. 

I wholeheartedly welcome all religion, cultures and backgrounds.

What is the main differences between a 1-on-1, partnership and family session?
Great question. I do recommend the 1-on-1 sessions if you really want to dive deep into your own personal / spiritual development. Remember, when you heal yourself, you will positively impact those around you. This is because once you start demonstrating true self-love, kindness and compassion, you automatically act with more compassion and understanding toward those you care about. Partner and family sessions are a beautiful & powerful uniting experience, resulting in deeper intimacy and connection. You will have the support of your loved ones as you go through this journey together and also cultivate soul-nourishing quality time. That in itself can provide a transformative experience.

What if my child is not a teen yet, can he/she participate in the family session?
The communication needed to teach children is very different from teens, adults and senior citizens. In order to maintain the pace, quality and value of each session, I would not encourage children to take part just yet. However, I do believe that teaching children these essential tools are enormously beneficial. I would encourage you to learn from my teachings and slowly teach your child thereafter. If you would still like to have your child take part and do not mind a slightly slower session, I am all for it! Our children are our future. I will be teaching children in classroom environments soon as well so stay up to date by subscribe to my newsletter!


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