There are many out there who are unable to afford private 1:1 sessions but are having a very difficult time with this apparent process. I would like to support a few of them if I can. I already have a few in mind that have expressed their struggles from a genuine and open place, including the inability to work at the moment because the body is stretched to the max. If you have the means to provide financial support to someone who is in the thick of it, it would be deeply appreciated. I guarantee that your whole contribution will go to private sessions.

If I had to put it into words, the intention of these sessions is to be of emotional / energetic support during the disillusionment of self. When the unknowability of life starts to settle in, it can be a disorienting and disturbing period. Often it can be nice to feel supported and have some context within the unknown as the body is processing or becoming accustomed to the fear and uncertainty.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to be a sponsor or be the recipient of a sponsorship, please email me @ suzannenonduality@gmail.com with the appropriate subject line ‘Sponsorship: Sponsor‘ or ‘Sponsorship: Recipient‘ and include the following…

Sponsorship: Sponsor

Please express what you would like to gift ($110/hr or $155/1.5hr) and be as specific as you wish so there is minimal complication down the line. I prefer to provide a few sessions for one person, spread out over a period of time but you are welcome to gift whatever you are able to. I will make sure to give you details of who this gift is going to and they are welcome to be in contact with you if you wish so they can express their gratitude and/or perhaps describe in more detail their circumstance. Once a payment has been made (using one of the links here: https://suzannechang.net/donate/) I will send a chosen sponsorship recipient a calendar link in which they will be able to book with me without paying or we will coordinate through email. NOTE: Please allow for some time as I coordinate everything. This is the first time I am trying something like this and there may be minor tweaks along the way but I will keep you updated and I guarantee that your whole contribution with go to private sessions to those that are in need.

Sponsorship: Recipient

If you are writing as a recipient, please understand that it most likely will take time to be matched and/or there’s no guarantee of being selected. Currently I have a few people in mind who I have already met with that I would like to offer this to first. I will keep you in a waiting list that I will refer back to if there is a new sponsor, therefore I may not be able to respond to you if your email right away. That being said, please feel free to email me honestly expressing why you wish to take part in this and how it might benefit you. This opportunity is mainly for those that have been through the thick of it, and they see that nothing has really worked thus far. If chosen, please note that you’re email will be forwarded to the matched sponsor and you are welcome to be in contact with them to express whatever you wish. NOTE: Please allow for some time as I coordinate everything.

It’s possible that this page may be taken down temporarily if there are too many responses. I am only able to see so many without getting depleted. Thanks for understanding.