This is home. This is already unconditional perfection. Everything is this. Just this. There’s no escaping this. There’s no getting closer or further away from this. This has always been the case. There was never a person, a sense of ‘me’ who lived a life, who had a life, who was the doer of deeds or the seeker of truth. There was never any separation. This is the end of a ‘you’ and a ‘me.’ This is the end of better or worse, higher or lower. This is the great equalizer. The great heartbreak. The loss of a life that never happened. The death of a ‘me’ that never was.
The sense of ‘me’ may think it wants this but it has no idea what is really being said. It wants to be there to experience its own absence. This is utterly impossible. No-one becomes awake or reaches enlightenment because it’s already the case. There’s only absolute freedom and it’s so free that it can appear bound.



Available via Zoom for those that are interested in this crazy-beautiful message.
No word or description can touch this. This is totally energetic. And yet an attempt still seems to arise from no-thing. It’s all part of the apparent play that’s not really happening. It’s a resonance from no-thing to no-thing. The unknowable, vast mystery apparently interacting with itself.

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