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These private sessions are tailored to you.
They are confidential and all questions, curiosities, fears and doubts are welcome.
This is a space where you can comfortably share your truths, vulnerabilities and all the shame and feelings of wrongness that may or may not come with it. There’s no judgement in how you are or where you’ve been because nothing defines you.
You are nothing in particular.
Or, you can say that you are everything. Not as an idea, belief, feeling or thing.
What simply is, is the only thing there is. And it can’t be claimed, owned, known, separated or related to in any way.
All of you is allowed.
That which you feel like is you, or think you are… was never a problem. It was never something to shun away or be ashamed of. To hide or cover up. Even though, unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons why we were made to feel bad about who and how we are.
Life doesn’t judge you, see you, or recognize you in the way you think it does.
This doesn’t mean deny the past, this may mean fully owning it and embracing it to a degree that was never possible when you only thought that that was you. There can be a proper mending or healing of the past but not from a place of ‘I should’ and merit, but rather because it just feels right. Whether that means saying sorry or finally speaking your whole truth even if it means you may lose that relationship. It may just come to a point where the internal struggle and fight is no longer worth holding on to. Things can be seen from a completely different light when it’s clearer that there was no-one there to be responsible for anything.
You’re simply not there.
You’ve never been in control of anything. The illusion is that you were. You were a separate individual, creating your own world, living a life… and that world inevitably oscillates from good to bad, high and low, triumph and devastation… there’s such beauty in those stories but they are not absolute truth… That is not what’s actually happening.
This doesn’t mean we can’t freely speak about them, express them, give them light and let them breathe. In fact, they can only truly be aired out when it’s no longer really about you, you can finally own your truth. You’re free to dance, play, express and be yourself. These things that were hidden and shunned away are finally seen and nourished. And perhaps they start to loosen their grip…
The utter mystery of life is only clear when the thoughts lose their power.
They used to be in the forefront but now they’re part of the environment. But this doesn’t happen through force, control and manipulation… it mainly is a natural side effect of the loss of what you thought you were and had in life, the loss of hopes and dreams, the loss of the known.
The loss of your reality.
It’s the hardest thing one can ever go through… the loss of oneself.
But in the apparent end, the distinction between life and death, joy and grief… they become like a mist… without an edge or border. Unknown… it simply just is what it is.
…In the apparent end, it can be seen as a relief to not desperately want, need, desire, long for anything anymore… There’s nowhere to get to. It’s simply just this. There’s just peace and rest and the natural tendencies of the body reveal itself. You’ve basically experienced your own death while the body is still alive and then it’s seen that you never existed to begin with.

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