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This is home
Seeking, or the sense of self ‘me’, is just veiling that this is so. The loss of self is not needed for this to already be whole but if there is a longing to come to rest and stop seeking then I’m here to be of support.
This is an energetic shift that unveils the illusion of personal-will
During this shift, there can be changes in ways of perceiving ‘reality’ as the experience of space and time starts to dissolve. In addition, the sense of self is living on top of core fears and therefore can only fully be seen and processed during this transition. This can be a confusing and frustrating period as there seems to be an oscillation between two ‘worlds’. The effects of ownership don’t just disappear all at once. They are likely to have a ripple effect.
There may also be ‘external’ shifts that take place as your internal world is dissolving. Through this, the distinction between inside & outside, ‘me’ and ‘you’ can soften. Unbounded life is revealed to have always been the case.
Ultimately, freedom is never in an imaginary future
It’s already just simply this
There was never an actual individual that was separate from life
There is only pure life
This grand illusion and the disappearance of it is unbelievable until it actually happens and it’s seen to have never been real
Every last bit of ‘you’ is consumed by this unconditional love
This isn’t something that the mind can accept, conceptualize or come to terms with
This is more akin to a death before the body dies
And what’s revealed is just rest
A peace beyond understanding
A deep sense that all is well
(If there is hesitancy about this unraveling but you are still curious,
I’m open to answering any questions or just having a conversation)

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