This is home. It has always been home.

This is simple and pure. It’s absolute innocence. I’m not describing a thing, this is no-thing and everything. This is totally empty and completely full… it’s not knowable. This is not a concept to believe.

There was never a person, a sense of ‘me’ who lived a life, who was the doer of deeds or the seeker of truth. There was never anyone there who could get closer to or further away from this, it may just really feel that way.

This body we claim as ‘mine’ is just another appearance like everything else. It’s the same as the tree, the air, the bird, the wall, the floor… there is no difference. To the ‘me’ that can’t help but feel different and special, this is incomprehensible and unimaginable. The ‘me’ never wakes up or becomes enlightened, it dissolves.

This is pointing to a reality where there is no separation, no two. It’s the end of a ‘you’ and a ‘me,’ asleep or awake, better or worse, higher or lower. The energetic transition from ‘me and my life’ to just ‘pure life living’ varies greatly. As the sense of ‘me’ crumbles, it can be unnoticed but often it’s not a simple and easy unveiling. There may be an apparent clarification and obviousness that reveals itself as the energetic sense of self unravels.


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This is completely energetic. Words seem to arise from this emptiness in attempt to describe the indescribable. This is an exploration of the absolute. Everything is welcome, from the apparent personal to impersonal, there is no distinction. I am open to discussing any questions or comments you may have.

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