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This is energetic. Words seem to arise from this emptiness in an attempt to describe the indescribable. This is an exploration of the absolute which includes everything from the personal to impersonal, there is no distinction.
I enjoy supporting others on their unique journey and being a guide or reflection for them as they navigate the disillusion of ‘self.’
The way this unfolds may vary greatly for every body-mind because it’s all so uniquely programmed and conditioned. Different things can create a sense of stuck-ness for each system.
Feel free to express and we can go from there.
Everything is welcome.
These sessions are mainly intuitive. I may offer some practices, techniques or advice if it feels relevant. Everything can serve a purpose in the dream, and it will eventually be dropped when the time is right.
Then a natural surrender may unfold.

This is more of an undoing of the illusory effects, misconceptions and unconscious beliefs that make separation seem solid. There is no actual individual moving through time and space but it may really feel like that.
Freedom is never in an imaginary future. It’s already just simply this.
Seeking is a natural movement of ‘not this’ that veils this completion. This movement may soften if the suffering is acknowledged, embodied and expressed. In the seeming end, this is the dissolving of the personal need for something other than this.
Everything is consumed by this unconditional love.
I’m more than happy to chat about nothing or life after the apparent dissolving of ‘me.’

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These 1:1’s have naturally evolved, here are some samples from those that have graciously allowed me to share on youtube.
Please note that these do not represent the full scope of what can be covered in a session:


This is a supportive space to untangle knots or just decompress.
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