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This is energetic
Words seem to arise from this emptiness in an attempt to describe the indescribable. This is an exploration of the absolute which is inclusive of everything from the personal to impersonal, there is no distinction.
This is already home
Seeking, or the illusory self, is just veiling that this is so. The loss of self is not needed for this to already be whole but if there is a longing to come to rest and stop seeking then I am more than happy to be a support and guide.
This is an energetic shift that unveils the illusion of freewill
During this, your core stories can be triggered including: insecurities, unworthiness, fears, doubt, not belonging, etc. And only through all of this can a genuine surrender take place. All protection mechanisms of ‘me’ are slowly unravelled. This is the dissolving of the need for something other than this and often, untangling these needs can soften their grip. Likely, most of it stems from your unique upbringing, how that body-mind was conditioned and how the nervous system was programmed.
Feel free to express, it will give me a better idea of your apparent history
Everything is welcome
This is an interaction where there is no barrier between ‘you’ and ‘me,’ meaning we are total equals. Often there can be a deeper sense of comfort, safety and openness that is rarely available elsewhere because there are no personal judgements anymore. I will be able to give you a perspective that does not conform to any system. I see you not as a person or separate individual, but as wholeness appearing as a beautifully flawed ‘human being.’
I’m not here to fix you, but rather to address that sense that says ‘there’s something wrong with me’ and therefore I need to achieve this to finally feel worthy.
I may offer some practices, techniques or advice if it feels relevant. Everything can serve a purpose in the dream, and it will eventually be dropped.
Ultimately, freedom is never in an imaginary future
It’s already just simply this
There was never an actual individual, moving through time and space, owning and living a life
There was only pure life all along
Every last bit of ‘you’ is consumed by this unconditional love
This isn’t something that the mind can accept, conceptualize or come to terms with
This is more akin to a death before the body dies
And what’s revealed is just rest
A peace beyond understanding
A deep sense that all is well

This can be a lot to digest so I am happy to meet you where you are
If there is just curiosity, personal challenges or desires and goals that want to be fulfilled, I have no problem addressing them alongside giving you a wider lens of what’s unfolding. Getting a better understanding of how we’ve been conditioned by society and the tricks of the mind can unravel some of the stress, blame, guilt and shame that can accumulate over apparent time. Seeking can cause more suffering but it isn’t a bad or wrong thing. I don’t have an agenda to get rid of anything, cause this is already it, I’m here to just get a better picture of what’s longed for and an interaction just unfolds.

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