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There will also be the occasional Saturday Intimate Meeting that is held every 3-4 months (only for those in the ‘+ Intimate Meeting’ tier). This is naturally a more comfortable format with less participants, so it will be more casual and open.


This is a supportive space for those that are longing for, curious about or resonate with the dissolving of the illusory self. Nothing is actually happening or changing, but it can appear like there’s a disappearance as the veil of separation is thinning. It can feel exciting, alarming or worrisome since it’s unknown territory. It can also be a lonely experience since not many will understand. Hence, this space was created to provide support and some understanding. It’s likely that suppressed emotions, trauma, childhood wounding, doubt, fear, loneliness, confusion, etc. can arise. Not that we can actually pin point exactly what anything is but expressing it in a space where it’s all okay and others feel a similar way can allow the body to relax into it.
In these meetings you are welcome to freely express and simply be yourself, it doesn’t matter what’s there.

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Saturday, February 17th @ 12 – 2pm EST (New York time)

This will be a very small group and the format will be more like an open and casual conversation. I really encourage you to be honest and free in your expression. This can be a challenging and confusing thing to go through so any questions, concerns, experiences are all welcome. Also, I am open to share in more detail anything that you are wondering about the apparent unfolding here.

This meeting will be recorded in gallery view, meaning everyone will be shown on one screen and you don’t have to raise your hand to interact. It will be posted on Patreon the day after for those in the ‘+ Intimate Meeting‘ tier and up.

Even though very few people will see the recording, you are welcome to change your name through zoom settings and/or keep your camera off. It does help to see you while interacting but it’s also completely okay if that is not preferred.

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