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This is a space where we can freely explore energy: the mind, past, future, trauma, unworthiness, etc… It can be a beautiful thing to explore what may feel dark and heavy in the light of non-ownership. All of it is absolute innocence but this isn’t another belief or position, it can naturally be seen when everything is allowed to be as it is, including the ‘NO’ to those things that we feel ashamed of. This space is completely for you and I encourage you to be as open and honest as you can. Any questions, curiosities, confusions are welcome.

What’s really longed for is safety and okay-ness. I am here as support and reassurance that that is the case, that there is nothing that you can’t handle and nothing you did wrong. This is not a quick fix, this is an opportunity for you to get a taste of what it’s like to be autonomous and to stand on your own. To fully own your experience and see what’s actually there in a space of non-judgement. These things that we have learned to hide because of how harsh, critical and unforgiving humanity can be, can finally come out. It never defined you. But as long as it is hidden, it can unknowingly control the actions of that body and make it feel like you are responsible for everything. Addictions of any kind are just energy longing to feel okay… these patterns have the potential to naturally soften in it’s own time when what has been hidden feels safe enough to be seen.

This in-depth exploration is for those that feel ready to surrender, be vulnerable and show themselves as they truly are. This is a space where it’s understood that what we label as ‘trauma,’ ‘disorders,’ ‘addictions,’ deep unworthiness, self-hatred, self-destructive habits, are an understandable effect of the illness of ‘society.’ We can try to fix and mend these things but I have found that the main way these can naturally unravel is when it’s understood and seen from their root… this means that it’s so completely beyond our mental understanding… beyond our control. The truth is, life is unknown, and feeling more at ease with the unknown is the only true freedom. Everything else is another temporary fix that will get you by for a little longer.

We often don’t have healthy reflections throughout life and therefore how we relate to ourselves can be quite twisted and painful to live with. When there’s enough space for it to be seen exactly as it is, the depth of understanding can naturally, automatically bring about a gentleness… a tenderness… what the body has always longed for. To be allowed to be exactly as it is… to not be seen as a problem to fix… but to be seen with neutrality. That there was actually no-one there in control of how it became that way.

You are innocent.

How life unfolded was never in your hands.

You are already free… it may not feel great. But the struggle and fight to be other than how you simply are IS the real suffering. People may not understand you, and that’s a shame… but those that judge you, ridicule or try to fix you are misled themselves… they always seem to have an answer which may make you doubt yourself.

Even if there is fear to be seen that’s perfectly okay, as long as there is a slightly stronger longing for true freedom. My natural tendency is to meet you exactly where you are and to point out any misconceptions or misunderstandings that I may sense.

These sessions are very energetic. I suggest you clear the whole day so you have plenty of time to digest and restore. I also suggest to let go of any expectations, otherwise you won’t be able to fully relax and be with what is. You are welcome to treat this as your own personal day retreat.

Drink water, rest, take it easy.

These session are completely free to unfold as they will. However if you prefer to prepare a bit, here are a few questions to ponder from a genuine, open, unguarded place: Are you running from something? Are you running toward something? Is there something that you always thought should be different about yourself? Is there something that you feel shame around and do not want to expose? Is there something you’re afraid of expressing? Is there a relationship that feels tight, restricting, degrading?

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, a spiritual teacher, or an authority of any kind… I am nothing in particular. I don’t know what I am, but that’s the only way that I have been able to see clearly. To see what true freedom is. All I can say is that there is an unconditional space that became apparent only because of the death of all knowing, certainty and definitiveness.


1hr session + 1hr break + 1hr session + 1hr break + 1hr session
If you would like more flexibility, we can just see how it unfolds
Non-negotiable: There will still be a 2hr break within the 5 hour window
Sliding Scale: $400 – $600



1.5hr session + 1hr break + 1.5hr session + 1hr break + 1hr session
If you would like more flexibility, we can just see how it unfolds
Non-negotiable: There will still be a 2hr break within the 6 hour window

Sliding Scale: $500 – $700

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There’s no desire here to stick to any label or title
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If you are looking for more flexibility or would like to create your own unique schedule please clearly describe what you have in mind through email with the subject line ‘DEEP DIVE‘ @ There are no guarantees of agreement but you are welcome to express what you feel would work best for you. Every 1 hour session will cost $110 / $120 / $130 (depends on what you would like to pay). The max. total time including all breaks should not exceed 7 hours per day.