This is nothing everything-ing. Utter empty fullness. This is total and complete freedom for no-one. 

You, the person, cannot get this because there is nothing to get. I repeat, there is nothing to get. This is already perfection. Already wholeness appearing as an illusory sense of ‘me.’ This is an energetic message by no-one and it cannot be heard by ‘you.’ This is the apparent death of the ‘me,’ a death that may feel so real in the story but is then recognized by no-one to have never even happened.

This is a dangerous message for the ‘me.’ The ‘me’ may think it wants this but it has no idea what is really being said. The ‘me’ wants to be there to experience its own absence. This is utterly impossible. 


1hr Private Zoom Session

If you still want a 1:1, no-one talking to no-one, then great! Feel free to contact me.

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