NOTE: Please do not share this private booking page
This is a calendar that shows earlier availabilities that are not on my public website. It will be updated incrementally, usually a month out from now.
A calendar event will automatically be sent to you after booking but it may be a good idea to set another reminder that works best for you.
If you are able to afford a higher tier, it would be greatly appreciated. It will help offset the cost for those that are unable to afford the regular rate. All taxes and fees are already included. Thank you so much for booking & I look forward to seeing you.
Love, Suzanne

If you are having trouble booking below, please try this link:

There is no desire to stick to any title or label. I am nothing that can be known or defined and that’s the only way that clarity was unveiled.
ZOOM LINK: After booking below, the zoom link can be found in the ‘location‘ of the calendar event.
RECORDING: Let me know at the beginning of the session if you would like to record for your own private use. It will be emailed to you and deleted after 2 weeks.
CANCELLATION: If you are booking a session in May 2024 and onwards, all bookings are final but you are welcome to reschedule through the system. [FULL TERMS]
RESCHEDULE: 5 days before session, through booking system. [FULL TERMS]

NOTE: If there happens to be a blank screen or CAPTCHA issue after booking, please check you email first before attempting to book again. A confirmation email is usually sent very soon after if it successfully went through. Thanks!