Consumed by this Brutal Love

There’s really no going back now

It felt like the ‘me’ was screaming for it’s life back…

Having it’s last hurrah

Before it melted back into its birth place

It’s home…


How can it resurrect itself?

It seems impossible now

The sadden-ness and worry is gone too

More and more is stripped away

And there’s absolutely no choice in this

That’s so thoroughly clear now

More and more is showing itself to be unreal

That it was always unreal

But it felt so real

The story will feel real as long as it feels real

And when it doesn’t, it’s really clear that it can’t ever again

It does feel like something died within

And it is really seen that it was never there in the first place

It was an unknown, undefinable effect

It wasn’t really there

It feels like the body woke up from a comma

A comma of 33 years of Suzanne

How can all of that vanish so quickly

And so completely?