Immersed in bliss

Obviously that’s just an expression.

No one is immersed but there’s just this deliciousness in being. Pure being. Just being. I don’t really know what that means, but I’m just putting words to the indescribable.

I can sit for hours on a park bench and there’s just total satisfaction, without the notion that it’s satisfying… it’s difficult to explain. No thoughts. Even if thoughts arise, they’re like a feather falling from the sky. Barely there. No weight to them.

I guess this is what spiritual seekers are told to do… to mimic this all pervading being-ness. A peace beyond all understanding. And the danger in expressing how yummy this is is that people might then really want it. It can intensify the seeking.

But there, I just expressed how it can be misleading and now I’m gonna continue expressing. 🙂

This kind of complete-ness that pervades on all ‘levels.’ A profound sense of well-being… okay-ness. It doesn’t seem like boredom, loneliness, lack, incompleteness can arise… I’m not saying it can’t. Anything is possible. But that’s how I would describe it as of now. Blissed out, you can say. Free of worry, even though there’s plenty to worry about from the standards of the illusory ‘I.’

The fullness of everything is just here. Here without a position or location.

I can see why some may use the word here-ness… is-ness… being-ness.

Everything will be misinterpreted. But I can see why those words have been used so much.

And there is an obviousness to it. A subtle ‘wow… it’s always been just this.’

It’s really delicious. Beyond description.