Spiritual Awakening

I’ve been wiggling myself out of a tight, warm cocoon.

A part of me wants to stay comfortable and in the familiar.

A part of me wants to continue to break free even though I’m bruised.

A part of me enjoys it.

A part of me is exhausted.

I’m faced with myself over and over again.

Am I running away or am I coming home?

The further I am from my physical home,

the closer I find myself to an inner home.

Maybe I have gone to extremes to let go and set boundries.

Maybe I can come back and meet myself in the middle.

It’s this space within me,

that’s also the space outside of me.

It’s a vast knowing that my mind can’t understand.

The more my heart opens,

the more I just am that knowing.

It’s a way of being.

It’s a way of residing.

It’s a freedom unlike any other.

Layer on top of layer,

they all become transparent.

What have I been running from?


I find myself half way around the world,

here to discover,


escape & reveal.

There’s a balance.

It’s never all or nothing.

It’s often a bit of this and a bit of that.

I run away and find new vision.

Was it new vision or an unveiling,


We break up, so we can grow up.

We stay put, so we can lick our wounds.

We sit quietly, so we can hear our heart.

What does it say?

Love, love & love.