Cultivating love

There are moments where I look at my life in awe. It’s remarkable when I look back. How I got here makes sense… I guess. I did certain things that brought me here. I prioritized inner happiness and now I’m closer to it than ever before. I’m in a sanctuary amongst the mountains, a nunnery in Northern India. It’s a culmination of the environment, what I have learned here, my practice, my desire to transform fear into love that makes this a very special place. It all plays a role in why I feel the way that I do.

I practiced cultivating love rather than fear even when it felt foreign. And I’m determined to keep doing so. I feel more connected to nature and the source that gave us life. I feel expansive and I no longer wish to roam around in my small mind. I shatter the walls whenever I feel anger, guilt, frustration, despair and I realize again and again that a small mind can’t solve the problems that it created.

Greater perspective, a want to be genuinely happy and a willingness to let go of the physical world is all needed to feel comfortable within.

The past year has been one of the most superficially pleasurable as well as painfully agonizing years of my life. But it was that extra push that I needed to wake me up even more. I was intellectually making some progress, but now I’m energetically feeling massive shifts. This elevation to higher states of being are automatically causing me to perceive the world in a similar light. I see love, expansion, change, possibility, transition, evolution & blossoming.

Among the Covid-19 pandemic, I find myself in the most beautiful place. Learning to let go of the guilt that I’m doing extraordinarily well. Knowing that if I’m calm and collected, then I will automatically spread that energy to others, even through the phone.

I feel as if my life-long search for something meaningful has become significantly more tangible. There is so much more work to be done. But this time I feel focused, determined, and there’s an ease inside me that knows that I’m finally on the right path. It may become even more bumpy but I’m not afraid anymore. I see that it’s all just part of the process and these ‘obstacles’ only propel me closer to the truth and they always become the biggest blessings. They are no longer problems. They are just happenings that I am choosing to use for transformation.