No more need for protection

No more filter.

No more experiencer.

Just full-on everything.

Full-on sensation.

Full-on sound.

No-one is feeling it, or hearing it, it simply is.

No more protection, and no more need for it.

This is absolute freedom.

And no-one has it.

It just is.

This can’t be imagined.

This can’t be believed.

No-one can know what this is like.

No-one can claim this.

It’s not describable.

No word can get to it.

Nothing touches it.

Everything is it.

How do you describe everything and nothing?

It felt as if ‘I’ lost everything

But really nothing was lost, cause no-one was actually there to have anything

The owner disappeared

And it was an energetic sense

And this sense is the dream, is separation, is seeking for something better

The sense that cares dissolves

And what’s left is just the absolute purity of everything

So simple and natural

Unbelievably ordinary

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