No security for ‘me’

It may seem like there’s security in life for the person. It just needs to achieve this thing, get this amount of money, get a partner, get away from society, do more drugs, drink more alcohol, have more sex, eat healthier… whatever it is, it can seem to find satisfaction for a while. Maybe even a really long while.

But feelings, states, experiences, lifestyles, partners, money, jobs, friendships etc. never last forever.

This doesn’t mean that any of that needs to stop… life goes on. Life continues. But what can happen is that the need for all of that can suddenly (most likely gradually) fall away. And it’s clearer that life is just living… no-one is living a life.

It can be seen that nothing was going to satisfy the sense of a separate ‘me’ because it’s insatiable by nature. It’s inherently insecure and it will never be fulfilled, it will never get what it wants. Cause what it really wants is the end of the dissatisfaction, the end of the need for something other than this, the end of lack, the end of insecurity and unease. It really wants the end of itself.

And ironically it will never be there to experience what it’s like without itself. It is the very veil that obscures this boundlessness.

And it may sound like an actual thing, but it’s more of an energetic sense of ‘I am’ or ‘I exist’ or ‘I’m here.’ And this sense creates the neediness. It just is that and it can’t help that.

And it’s automatic, no-one is there to be responsible for that, it just seems to happen… so how can the neediness end itself? It’s impossible.

This is what we can label as a letting go. Many use the word surrender. But the ‘me’ can’t surrender or let go… it is the holding on itself. It is the need to exist. It’s desperate to stay alive. And again, this isn’t an actual entity, it’s a sense… perhaps an energetic contraction that automatically owns the body and all of the functioning of that organism.

So life is lived. Life goes on. A letting go will happen when it happens… and it may be during the death of the body. There’s no saying.

So this is hopeless. There’s no way to get to this. Because there’s actually already nothing missing. Nothing lost. Nothing lacking. There is only freedom already.

The ‘me’ sense can scream and kick as loud as it wants, it’s never gonna get what it really wants. Even if this apparently happens, it will be the end of any individuation, any separation, any duality. it will be the end of the experiencer and experiencing.

There’s no way to make sense of anything.

There’s no way to separate anything from another… because it’s all this singular energy. This nothingness dancing and playing. Whether this is obvious or not, it doesn’t matter. It only matters to the one that feels separate and that separation is not there already.

Everything is so thoroughly even and equal. No person is seen anywhere… everything is already fully free and liberated. It’s so clearly seen that no-one is anywhere and that it’s all an energetic effect that makes it feel like there is actual duality. And isn’t that amazing. Isn’t that a wonder. Isn’t that magnificent.

Perhaps not for ‘me.’

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