The ‘me’ can’t undo itself

Relationships were the most important thing to the ‘me’

The ‘me’ was in relation to another ‘me’

In relation to many ‘me’s’

To itself

The ‘me’ felt complete with another ‘me’

The ‘me’ was in relation to absolutely everything

Everything was other than it, outside of it

A reflection of it

Every concept was owned by the ‘me’

The ‘me’ has consciousness

The ‘me’ is aware of itself, thoughts, emotions, actions, etc.

The ‘me’ claims everything

The ‘me’ feels like it’s lacking

The ‘me’ feels abundant

Without the ‘me,’ it’s just this

With the ‘me,’ it’s just this

The ‘me’ is duality

The ‘me’ can’t escape itself

This message isn’t for the ‘me’

The ‘me’ can’t hear this message

The ‘me’ can’t un-do itself

The ‘me’ can’t see beyond itself

The ‘me’ is the veil

The ‘me’ is the dream, is the story

The ‘me’ creates it’s own special reality

It’s own world

Me, mine, I… all of these words are still used

But no-one is behind them

No-one is owning them

They are completely empty

They mean nothing

They point to nothing, refer to nothing

And yet it’s still used and said,

‘I love this message.’