(In)secure in the infinite

Death sucks

The dream never was

Everything is lost

No-one had anything

No-one died

No-one lived

The loss is huge

There’s just everything

Pure love

There’s only nothing-ness

Absolutely and completely empty

Vibrant full-on life

Clutter galore

Complete void

Utter perfection

Total non-sense

Nothing can be said

There’s no certainty

Nothing can be held onto

There’s only security

There’s just infinity

Safety in nothing-ness

Security in the unknown

The absence is terrifying

The uncertainty is threatening

For no-one

This is non-existent, full-on life

Death is real

Life is unreal

And vice-versa

This is an explosion

Destruction and Construction

All at once

Life & Death

Creation & Demolition

All just words… Meaningless words

Empty words

W O R D S . . .

It’s all made-up

By no-one,

by nothing