Back to dust

Nothing ever happened

Nothing ever really existed

Everything seems to turn to dust

It’s all nothing-ness everything-ing

This is all so hauntingly beautiful

It’s soothingly terrifying

How is this possible?

And why is this happening?

There is no answer

There is no knowing

It’s a total and utter mystery

Who is there to know anything?

No-one is here

And no-one was ever here

All of that is this

It has always been just this

Everything goes back to dust

Vanishes into ashes

Dissolves to nothing

And yet it doesn’t

Because it never existed in the first place

Nothing was ever had

Nothing was ever lost

Yet it feels so painful and dreadful… it’s utterly heartbreaking

The loss feels so real

And then it’s like it never happened

Everything appears the same

Yet the solidity isn’t there anymore

It’s all seen through

It’s real and unreal

It’s nothing everything-ing

It’s full-on empty aliveness

Vibrant and stunning

Gone and appearing

This is total and utter non-sense.