Spiritual Awakening isn’t the death of ‘me’

For some clarity… spiritual awakening is not the dropping of the ‘me’ sense. Spiritual awakening may be the apparent falling away of a conceptual identity, perhaps a de-conditioning or re-programming process but that is not the same as this mysterious and unknowable dissolving of the ‘me’ sense that also never really happens. Spiritual awakening is for the ‘me,’ for the person. It’s a beautiful story and unfolding that is very convincing. It really seems like actual progress is being made… it actually feels like ‘you’ are moving through time and space becoming more pure and integrating your shadow side. And there’s nothing right or wrong with that. It’s absolutely beautiful. It can seemingly alleviate some pain and suffering… apparently. It can also become a new burden, a new cloak with lots of hidden agendas. A new way to enhance the ‘me.’ And that’s just how it’s unfolding for that unique character and there’s no saying or predicting the apparent outcome.

The end of the ‘me’ is the end of separation, the end of self, the end of seeking. The end of a center, location, space and time, cause and effect, free-will and doer-ship… Spiritual awakening did not lead to already just home. Already whole-ness and complete-ness. No separation whatsoever. The apparent person seemed to heal, grow and learn but that did not cause this.

That learning and growing seems to apparently continue for this non-existent character that is called Suzanne, even after the happening that never happened happened. The ‘me’ sense could have apparently dropped at any moment or when the body dies. There’s no saying or knowing when or why. It’s a total mysterious unknown.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter. The spiritual awakening path seems well suited for some characters. It’s not higher or lower. That too is just this. There can be a story that you will gain merit if you become more conscious and lead others to do the same. You will release your karmic debt. But is that actually true? Perhaps in the dream, there’s no knowing. That’s all for the ‘me’ sense. And there’s nothing right or wrong with it. It’s just what’s appearing to happen. Already for no-one.

Can it apparently improve the conditioning and relieve some suffering? Sure

Can it become yet another identity, another shield like addiction to alcohol, sex and drugs? Sure

It may just be more highly regarded in the eyes of society.

This society that is constructed from the sense of ‘me’

This society that is birthed from the sense of ‘me’


No-one wakes up to already awake-ness

No-one gets enlightened

No-one has anything

No-one looses anything

That’s all in the dream

And that too is this