No-one left to wonder

Life is absolutely crazy.

Life is wild.

Life isn’t real.

Life doesn’t really exist… for the person.

Because there’s only life.

Just life.

I’ve never existed.

Life is just living

Life is dancing

The unreal real-ing

There’s a memory of an appearance of a person with a life

with hopes and dreams

relationships and a heart-breaking

bitter-sweet past

And now what remains?

Nothing but a thought

But that too is fleeting

There’s nothing

Nothing to hold onto

Nothing to own

No-one to have anything

It’s all a dream

A remarkable dream

A pleasant, surreal, horrific dream

A nightmare

And it never really happened

Then what’s left?


Nothing at all

Total oblivion… appearing as everything

All at once

How is this even possible?

No-one knows

No-one’s here, left to wonder

There’s just pure wonderment