Forgiveness & healing becomes irrelevant

The radical message that there is no-one here really tipped the scale to near absolute healing to the point where nothing really matters, nothing really happened to anyone cause there is no you. I can see how even forgiveness becomes irrelevant.

Nothing ever really happened. And there was no real cause and effect and order. Cause the brain creates seeming order and understanding and finds patterns. So how do you really know what’s real when everything is being experienced through an inherently limited tool? How can the mind know what ‘created’ it? Or in less loaded terms, how can it know what’s beyond it and simultaneously is it?

The pointless point is that we have no idea what’s going on because there is no one here. Period… so how can anything be claimed as truth? 

I can see how it’s so contradictory to talk about therapy and healing the person or relaxing the person. How the communication needs to be relatively precise cause it can be so confusing to address the person and the story and then say there is no free-will and no real time. 

Nothing can be known. No one is here. No one is anywhere. It’s a dream. It’s so crazy to say that suffering appears to be happening but it’s not really real. It’s just what’s happening.

It’s the whole construct of the ‘me’ energy that creates this dream and illusion and the very convincing felt sense that there is real separation, a me in here and a you in there and with that comes time and a past and future and doer-ship, ownership and claiming and free-will and neurosis. It’s crazy. 

It’s nearly impossible for the mind to not try and understand the absence of ‘me.’ The mind will inevitably try and understand more, more, more… and I would say that it might be good when it reaches that point where it just short circuits itself and sees for itself that it’s so beyond utterly futile. The ‘me’ can never imagine or know what it’s like without itself. It’s pretty much impossible. And another trick of the mind is to really believe that it wants the absence of itself and it’ll be so convinced that that’s what it wants but that’s just another way of keeping itself alive… so twisted, so tricky, unbelievable… the ‘me’ can never get this.